Being a Tourist in your Hometown

People often take for granted what their hometown has to offer. It just becomes somewhere you walk through each day without giving anything a second glance. I think that everyone should take a day out in their summer and wander around, as you might see things differently or remember how you saw your home as a kid.

Emily and I enjoying the Welsh summer

Last week, my friend Emily came to visit me in Cardiff. It was great to go round my city with someone who had never visited before. She got a real taste of the Welsh summer; it rained everyday she was here!

We went to places that I visited as a child with my family or on school trips, including Caerphilly castle. Wales has over 600 castle according to CADW (Welsh Heritage). Many are just bumps of grass, but Caerphilly is the second largest in Britain. It has some of the original medieval architecture and some that was restored after the Second World War. There is also a tower that was blown up during the Civil War that leans away from the upright. There are different siege engines by the moat which get fired from time to time, but sadly not while we were there. I got very nerdy – it’s amazing how many facts I remember from school trips and boring parents!

Ianto’s Shrine in Cardiff Bay (I do not own this photo)

We also went round Cardiff with another of our friends from university. It was quite strange to show her places that she recognised from TV shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who (TV is something of a local industry here). I was staggered that she had never seen Torchwood and so did not get Ianto’s shrine in Cardiff Bay.

Spending time with friends from university at home is a strange experience, but also a great opportunity to show them that home isn’t too bad.

Quick note: There will be no Chart Update this week, as I am going on holiday. Normal service will resume next week.

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