My love of baking

As The Great British Bake Off (one of the finest television shows ever) finishes for another year, I thought I should mention my love of baking. Thanks to GBBO and Mary Berry, baking has become something that I do to relax, just for fun and also to procrastinate (something I call procrastibaking).

My dad has made bread from as long as I can remember and this kick-started my baking passion. Since the first series of GBBO aired, I have gone from making simple cakes to attempting much harder challenges (with varying results!) My signature dish is probably key lime pie. Lime is one of my favourite flavours and it is such a simple pudding that it can be whipped up in around an hour.

maple syrup and orange cake
Maple Syrup and Orange Cake

During my exams, I really liked making bread. The whole process of mixing, kneading and proving really calmed down through stressful exam periods, especially my A levels. I have done three flavoured plaited bread, with each strand being a different flavour (in this case tomato, cheese and pesto). I recently also branched out and attempted bagels; they may not have been the prettiest things in the world, but they tasted great!

Multiseed Bagels
lemon and almond macaron
Lemon and Almond Macaron

Despite all my efforts and pulling off some excellent macarons once, I am still not very good at presentation. I can make a cakethat tastes wonderful, but looks a bit like an eight year old has been let loose with a piping bag! I am slowly getting better, but this is halting all of my GBBO dreams (I joke of course…)

I am glad that there is something in my life that I love that has absolutely nothing to do with music. When I bake, I can just think about making something that tastes good and looks ok. If I achieve that, I am happy.

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