Chart Update – 30/10/15

This week, Adele returns.

Returning Entries

100 – Stay With Me by Sam Smith

94 – Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

91 – Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Of all the singles from Adele’s smash hit 21, this is by far my favourite. You couldn’t escape this song in 2011 and it still holds up now. The anger that permeates all of this is wonderful as Adele sounds totally unforgiving. The production is brilliant, matching Adele for anger and creating, in my opinion, one of the best pop songs of the 21st century.

83 – Skyfall by Adele

New Entries

96 – Home by One Direction

Home characterise late One Direction for me: none of the upbeat nature of their early songs and instead replacing it with bland brooding. This song builds to absolutely nothing and it could have done. I think this single is o the band scrambling to remain relevant while their fans slowly grow up. But, as One Direction try to age with their fan base, they have just become dull and indistinguishable from many other boy bands.

88 – Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic at the Disco

85 – In2 by Wstrn

71 – Working For It by Zhu x Skrillex x They

57 – Lost and Found by Ellie Goulding

Lost and Found has an opening similar to Guns and Horses, possibly my favourite Ellie Goulding song after Lights. The lightweight lyrics are supported by a light instrumentation that puts Ellie right at the top of the mix. I wish that the acoustic opening remained for longer before the electronic elements came in, but overall, this is a decent pop song and a good performance from Ellie Goulding.

2 – Sorry by Justin Bieber

Sorry seems to be Justin Bieber’s latest “whisper-sing” track. This style of singing really irritates me and makes Bieber seem even whinier than usual. The production feels so generic; it’s like the added a Latin beat to What Do You Mean. The effects on the production are very annoying and this all adds up to create a song that possibly could have used longer on the editing table.

1 – Hello by Adele

Adele’s triumphant return is more contemplative than I was expecting. Hello takes both the passion behind songs like Set Fire to the Rain and adds in the meditative sentiment of Someone Like You. The lush orchestration on the chorus that follows the subdued intro compliments the big range that she offers in this song. She is an artist who is prepared to wear her heart on her sleeve and belt it out at the top of her voice. While this has elements from an RnB and pop ballad, it still sounds like Adele and I am glad that she is back.

Best of the Week

Hello by Adele

Worth a Listen

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Someone Like You by Adele

Skyfall by Adele

Wouldn’t Turn Off

Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic at the Disco

Lost and Found by Ellie Goulding

Would Turn Off

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Home by One Direction

In2 by Wstrn

Working For It by Zhu x Skrillex x They

Worst of the Week

Sorry by Justin Bieber


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