Welcome to 2016

So, 2016 is officially underway (I know my year end reflection is a bit late, but I had year-end lists to do!). 2015 was a really busy year for me with tons of new experiences. I finished my first year at Oxford, played with loads of orchestras and played The Rite of Spring for the first time, I went to Budapest and absolutely fell in love with the city, the Middle-Earth films sadly finished, and I ate far too much cake. Safe to say that it has been an eventful year!

2015 montage.png

2016 promises to be even more eventful, at least to begin with. I am playing Rite of Spring again (which will be terrifying), as well as Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and singing in Faure’s Requiem. The most exciting concert this term however is with my sister. We will be playing the Bach Oboe and Violin Concerto on the 6th February in the St. Peter’s College Chapel. If you are free, you should definitely come!

For this blog, I am also going to try and post more non-chart blogs as well as changing the format of the Chart Updates. But, as always, Oxford University will try and get in the way of that! (12 essays to write plus starting a dissertation…)

2016 is certainly going to be interesting. Bring it on.


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