Concerto Coming UP

I realise that I haven’t posted a Chart Update in a while, but this is simply because I don’t have time. With two essays each week as well as orchestration, another piece of writing that takes a long time to do just isn’t an option. I will try and get back to them when I can, but it is going to be a few weeks.

What also hasn’t helped my upload schedule is that I am playing the Bach Oboe and Violin Concerto in a week with my sister, as well as some other oboe repertoire for this concert. I have been practicing really hard and I think it is going well so far. Grace came to Oxford last week for a rehearsal with our pianist and I’ve been up to London to rehearse with her. We also wandered all over Oxford sticking up flyers and delivering some to the orchestra to put up in their colleges. The concert is on the 6th February in St Peter’s College Chapel if anyone is interested. It’s the first time I have ever done a concerto with an orchestra so I am a bit nervous but also excited! For more details, the Facebook event is here:


This term has definitely been busy, but it is all going to be good in the end. If you are in Oxford in early February, come and check out our concert!

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